Cooperation Workshop

Efficient and happy teams are one of the secret components of a successfully developing organization.
However, well-oiled cooperation is a complex, unique phenomenon that requires transparent processes, task assignments, and a myriad of less clear human factors to be in sync. Our cooperation workshops help teams discover how they can build on team members’ existing qualities and skills to ensure that work is productive and enjoyable for everyone.


An Organoco Mindset Cooperation Workshop provides ample room for several valuable realizations.
  • NThe Organoco Method offers new perspectives on understanding human needs that drive irrational behavior, strange repetitions, and even ineffective teamwork.
  • NParticipants will experience how they can improve their listening skills to better understand each other, bridge conflicts, overcome alienation, and achieve a supportive and effective collaborative environment.
  • NBeyond the closed workshop group, the perspectives uncovered will be helpful in both the short and long term to help remote teams, entire organizational structures and improve collaboration with clients.
The 6–12 hour workshop is available online, in hybrid (in-person and online) and in-person variants, for closed company groups, in Hungarian and English.

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