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For leaders, managers, and founders

Planning for the future, change support, and performance enhancement often drop out of focus for the people that need them most: senior management, company owners, and startup founders. Our intensive six-month course offers the best of the Organoco Mindset in a flexible, customized process. The program provides real-world tools for handling professional and personal changes and practical and theoretical knowledge on defining new goals, opening new perspectives, and effective leadership coupled with supportive relationships.
The Organoco mindset has helped the managers and founders of the hottest local startups, been part of the largest exits in Hungary, and is proven to help busy leaders wherever they work.

Our Course:

Available: since October 2020

Timeframe: 6 months, 12 sessions

Location: Each session is 1.5 hours long, and the course can be completed online, in a hybrid solution (online and in-person), and completely in-person. Coaching is offered in Hungarian or English. Targeted and enjoyable tasks lead participants along their journey between sessions.

Cost: 980.000 Forint + VAT


  • NUnique coaching methodology brings unusual perspectives to the fore that support the client in current changes and offer long-term support for any changing situation. The process not only offers crisis support but makes growth and personal development easier and more reflected.
  • NIndividual support provides space for personal questions, processing difficulties, while the Organoco approach supports the client's change-confidence, motivation, and well-being. The method offers support for handling high growth pressure and ever-higher expectations that startups experience.
  • NThe Organoco Mindset brings hidden skills to the surface and helps participants move beyond their internal limitations. Clients who feel they are facing an internal barrier or are unhappy with their performance can also find the course useful.

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