The Organoco

An exciting mindset

Bringing change into focus

The Organoco Mindset places a particular emphasis on change, the factors that influence our relationship to change, and can develop a deeply embedded human attitude: change-confidence. It opens new roads for creative, innovative thinking and helps individuals towards continuous development and making targeted changes with ease.

Overcoming challenges

Organoco offers new, effective intervention options for most organizational or individual challenges. Applying the method in organizational settings helps overcome the hidden self-limitations in companies and teams, enabling efficient and focused collaboration and improved performance. The approach has been used effectively to bring about long-term improvements in the internal development of startups and large multinationals alike.

Firm theoretical foundations

The method builds on Gestalt, and existentialist foundations, applies current findings from brain research, economic psychology, and network physics, and makes individual and group processes surprisingly understandable.

The approach can be applied in an integrated way with any other method or tool.

Characteristics of Organoco

  • NGestalt and Organoco approaches are based on the observation that we all perceive our environment and experiences differently. We see opportunities, shape our worldview, and make decisions in entirely subjective ways. Organoco models help individuals step outside of their typical methods. Free, unrestricted thinking allows us to explore more possibilities and find the optimal intervention for any situation.
  • NThe Organoco approach believes that talents and abilities exist in every person and organization as a natural opportunity. The method supports new success by easing hidden self-restraints at the organizational, team, and individual levels. It brings hidden ways of working to the surface, allowing them to be changed, leading to new solutions.
  • NThe new method includes countless new models and has brought effective intervention opportunities and innovative tools into the world of individual, team, and organizational change support, organizational development, leadership and coaching, and elsewhere. In addition to professional issues, Organoco can also be used to handle any personal matters.

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