What do our partners say about us?

We work with the largest multinationals, the hottest Hungarian startups and have assisted in the largest exits in the country. We have conducted thousands of hours’ worth of organization development training, worked with hundreds of individual clients. Watch below to hear what they had to say:

Organoco has helped me better understand myself and the conscious and subconscious factors that drive my environment, supported me in expressing my goals more clearly, and led me to understand the value of different opinions more deeply. All this has contributed significantly to my professional success in recent years. Organoco is great for everyone, not only leaders who want to perform better and help their teams.

Dr Gyula Fehér

Ustream – IBM, co-founder and CTO

I learned about the Organoco Mindset before the largest business decision I’ve ever had to make. The approach, the support it offers, and the perspectives and tools that model how people work have helped us address change creatively, without reservations, and shape our business decisions successfully.

Zoltán Györkő

Balabit – One Identity, co-founder and CEO

When I think of organization development, I believe that a leader with the right mindset is the starting point of any change. The change-confidence leadership training identified hidden drivers and provided a useful set of tools to change our perspective if needed. We learned how to look at a situation from an entirely new perspective and define real goals based on our unique solutions. Despite the vast amount of information, meaningful knowledge is always highlighted at the right moment. I think everyone is excited about what comes next!

Beáta Bíró

IKEA, People and Culture Generalist

Our collaboration with Invention Factory has exceeded our expectations. They are very flexible, and their openness is coupled with true expertise. The positive change is obvious after the first few meetings. They helped us to see the value of different opinions and better understand our subconscious drivers. They tailor all processes to our needs and pay attention to our requests – simply put, they have a very people-centric attitude.

Nóra Demeter

AIMOTIVE, HR manager