Horse-assisted workshop

This memorable horse-assisted session supports leadership teams, builds connections between colleagues, and strengthens team spirit. The key points of the Organoco method are combined with exciting exercises from our group workshops and horse-assisted training elements to create a lasting, experience-driven learning process.

Why horses?

Horses are beautiful creatures. Being close to them offers participants the opportunity to connect to various concepts, such as being a leader, being led, trust, management, starting and ending processes, change, power, partnerships, dialogue, interactions, honesty.

Horses are prey animals. Their first line of defense is fleeing. They owe their survival to the fact that they react to mental states, emotions, desires quickly. Horses tend to perceive our entire presence faster than we can ourselves and are more influenced by it than our words and actions. They cannot lie; they are always sincere. They are unaffected by status symbols, positions of power, or visions. Their communication is built around pressure and submission.

A proper balance of the two factors upholds their social coexistence. Experiencing the natural behavior of horses is exciting in itself, but the workshop offers much more. The theoretical and teamwork-based elements of the Organoco Mindset can support working through any organizational difficulty and be the base of meaningful reflection.

The one to three-day workshop does not require prior riding experience nor physical strength. The work focuses not on riding or the horses but on ourselves as individuals and the whole group as a team. The main topics of the session is always adapted to the situation and challenges of the group.

Some examples of Organoco horse-assisted workshops:

  • NA day-long, meaningful team building to help participants get to know each other better and build trust.
  • NA two-day collaboration workshop for executives to make work between departments run smoothly.
  • NA two-day program for leaders in challenging positions or new leaders to help them lead their teams by finding their strengths.
  • NA three-day senior management workshop to move the organization along a coordinated strategy, agreement, and mutual respect.

The workshop is available as a completely or partially outdoor program (in a covered riding hall) from spring to late autumn for Hungarian and English-speaking teams.

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