Change-confidence Mini Training

The future is shaped by organizations that see change as a safe, motivating force and use it boldly and with ease.

But how do we overcome our simultaneous attraction to and fear of change? How can individuals, teams or whole organizations become more open? How can curiosity and excitement wrestle control from our fears and resistance to change?

Our short change-confidence training offers a taste of the essential perspectives of the Organoco Mindset that can support change.
  • NParticipants will delve into the known and unknown convictions that drive their decisions about collaboration within the company, new opportunities and change in general.
  • NThey will learn how to change out of intensely restrictive perspectives when needed individually and as a team.
  • NThe group practices how to move from a fixed, unchanging mindset to one that is free whenever needed.
  • NThe change-focused training is not a traditional change management course.
The two-day (or longer) change-security training offers participants a better understanding of others and themselves to lay the foundations of a mindset in which change becomes an exciting adventure, full of possibilities rather than a source of stress.

The 4–16 hour, interactive change-confidence mini-training is available online and in-person, in Hungarian and English.

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