Team building festivals

How can team spirit be maintained from a distance?
How can team cohesion be created in a new team when people can hardly meet?
How can we connect, study, chat if we only see each other on screens?


The ‘A New World in Sweatpants’ concept is a fresh, creative approach to remote team-building events. It is founded on our ample experience with sizeable in-person team building festivals and the tools of a digital setting. The result is a virtual team building event that
  • Noffers interesting, educational and entertaining games utilizing the unique theoretical and practical elements of the Organoco Mindset
  • Nensures plenty of time for mingling, chats and building connections
  • Nmotivates everyone towards active participation
  • Nallows participants to plan their day
No travel, no masks, no social distancing, no uneasiness. Participants need only a few things:
  • Na stable internet connection with Zoom or another chosen app
  • Na quiet, comfortable place where they can spend a day
  • Nand sweatpants, or whatever they’re comfortable in
What we offer:
  • NAll elements of a great team-building event in creative, digital ways.
  • NA unique methodology and kind, experienced trainers at each “location.”
  • NTailor-made program for your team, focused on your needs.
An offer is prepared for teams of 12–150, following a free-of-charge exploration discussion. Events are available in English or Hungarian.

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